M.G. Web Solutions

Michael Gardner is the Sole Proprietor of M.G. Web Solutions. He has worked in Large and Small organisations. After 5 years in the Telecommunications Industry as a Business Analyst, Michael took up website development as a profession and has been dedicated to the task of developing websites and web applications ever since.

M.G. Web Solutions was born out of a passion for websites and web applications, and the desire to build solutions for customers in a smarter more needs focussed way.

It is easy to throw solutions at problems, anyone can install content management systems (CMS) and insert content but it takes a breadth of experience, attention to details and a keen ability to listen and comprehend to truly deliver the right solutions to customers.

That is what M.G. Web Solutions is about, the right tool for the right job. M.G. Web Solutions will listen to your needs, gain an understanding of you and your requirements, then propose and work with your capabilities to implement a solution.

After all, this is about your needs not ours!




Michael Gardner

Mobile: +61 448558452

Email: mickgardner@mgwebsolutions.net

Address: Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia

blog: mickgardner.com

Github: github.com/mickgardner